Friday, October 6, 2017

We've devoted considerable blog space in recent weeks to the importance of keeping your home on the market for what promises to be another busy run-in to year end.

If you were considering taking your home off the market for a few months, we hope that we've helped to convince you that really isn't a great idea. If you need more encouragement, please click here, here and here for some compelling arguments against doing so.

Like all motivated and professional agents, we're totally excited for what the next few weeks holds for our clients. Unfortunately, this level of enthusiasm isn't universal in the industry.

The reality is that there will be some agents out there who will decide they've earned enough in 2017 and who plan to take their foot off the gas as the year winds down, especially once the holidays are in plain sight. 

And if you're unlucky enough to be partnered with one of the less motivated agents in the Albuquerque area, it naturally follows that your chances of selling this year are going to progressively diminish.

As we've been keen to emphasize in the past few weeks, this is such a great time to list a home, with buyers often operating to time sensitive deadlines, such as moving in before the holidays, relocating before New Year and closing property sales by year end for taxation reasons, not to mention a strong desire to lock in a low mortgage rate while it's still possible to do so.

What doesn't necessarily follow, however, is that you are guaranteed to have an agent who's willing to stay the course for the next few months with an all-out daily effort to implement a marketing strategy. Not all agents work at real estate on a full time basis and even some of those who do have other plans.

Naturally enough, agents may not make it widely known that they've scaled back their efforts, but this will become obvious to you if viewings and communication levels begin to dry up.

It's better, therefore, if you take the initiative on this and simply ask the question of your current agent about what daily effort is currently being made to sell your home. 

Even though fall and winter buyers rank right up there as some of the most qualified and driven purchasers of the entire year, that's not to say that the same dedicated effort isn't required to identify them and get them interested in your home. 

So don't let your agent hide behind the complete myth that homes aren't going to sell as the holidays approach, allowing him/her to take it easy.

Why not contact us today and find out about how we'll be continuing to roll out detailed marketing strategies for our clients throughout the year.


Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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