Friday, October 14, 2016
By Admin

We've devoted quite a lot of space in recent blogs to the simple truth, despite the myths, that fall and winter are great times to sell your home and especially so at present with high buyer demand sustaining extremely well and still very low mortgage rates.

Would it therefore surprise you to learn that your agent may not share the same view?

In spite of there being somewhere around two million agents in this country, it's important to remember that by no means all of them are treating real estate as a full time occupation. You can understand that even better when you consider that the average agent sells less than a handful of homes each year...

Even some quite successful agents will soon be taking the view that they've earned enough this year and begin to taper back their efforts. This really gets under way when the holidays arrive but, to the experienced eye, it's already possible to discern a diminished effort as we move through October.

While a nice long break might be perceived as wonderful rest and recuperation for the agent, where does this leave the interests of his/her unfortunate clients?

Of course it's very likely that your agent isn't going to tell you that less effort is being expended, but you will see that through reduced numbers of viewings and your home remaining unsold for longer than you anticipated.

Please click here and here to see our most recent blogs on why there are still such great opportunities to sell your home. It's so very sad to relate that some agents perpetuate the myth of this year being a "dead duck" for sales, for their own ends, when quite the opposite is true.

And this year there are arguably extra reasons for having the active support of your agent in the coming weeks. There are unpredictable consequences due to the forthcoming election and no one knows if next year's homes market will be better, neutral or worse as a result. Although they have defied the pundits for so long, we are again being told by experts that mortgage rates may finally start to climb again, so there's another element of uncertainty, if your home remains unsold for much longer.

Therefore our strong advice to you is incredibly simple. Directly ask your agent if he/she intends to put in a full-time effort for the rest of the year. Alarm bells should start ringing if the comment comes back that it's better to wait for next year, or a similar negative argument. If your agent chooses to just give you the answer you want to hear, you'll soon see if this is untrue by the level of activity around your sale.

Better still, why not call us today and discuss how we make the same strenuous efforts for clients throughout the year, fully recognizing the tremendous possibilities the market presents at this time of year.