Tuesday, January 20, 2015
By Admin

We've all seen those "For Sale by Owner" signs on the front lawns of homes. Did you also notice how long those signs tend to remain in place and how often they're eventually replaced by a realtor's sign?

We certainly live in a DIY age. The problem is that there are some things in life that you just cannot do as well by yourself and real estate is most definitely a field where you need the best very best professional assistance.

Unfortunately, however, the lure of not having to pay any realtor commission fees can initially be an irresistible incentive for a minority of house sellers.

So what are the key benefits of hiring a full-time, professional realtor?

Local knowledge - Successful agents have an initimate knowledge of the local realty market. They know what is selling, who is buying it and, most importantly of all, have a wide range of contacts that allow them to spread the word about a particular home in a specific sector.

Pricing - This is part of local knowledge, of course, but it also relates to pricing your home "in the market" so that it will be attractive to potential home buyers and encourage viewings. It's a natural tendency for home owners to overestimate their property's value. The best realtors will have day to day knowledge of selling prices of similarly specified houses and will suggest realistic pricing that will create interest in the property. Commonly, less professional agents will simply go along with the owner's perception of the home's value to get the listing. If the price is out of synch with market expectations, then you can expect the home to remain on sale for a very long time.

Visibility - Top realtors use a wide range of modern marketing tools, including listing on the local multiple listing service, alerting all local agents, a wide range of websites (nationally and internationally) and social networking channels, as well as their own direct selling efforts, on the telephone and in person. They are also able to arrange open house events, marketing the property in the locality as well as to a wider database of potential buyers interested in the type of home on offer. Everest Peak Realty goes the extra mile with the production of featured home videos marketed across the internet. Private home sellers simply can't have all these tools at their fingertips and are therefore inevitably promoting their property to a much smaller audience, limiting the possibilities.

Negotiation - Because a professional realtors are constantly involved in negotiations with buyers, they know how to get you the best deal for the most money. Home inspections can sometimes raise potential objections to a sale and the right agent will know how to negotiate a deal that keeps all parties happy and the sale on track.

Smooth transactions - As the home sale approaches closing, there is a plethora of paperwork that has to be worked through. Any slip ups here can cause big problems down the line so do you really want to risk doing these on your own, when an experienced agent has the know-how and administrative back-up to ensure that all goes smoothly!

Time efficiency - All the above factors are very time consuming. Do you have spare time in your schedule to manage everything?

At the end of the day, it's important never to lose sight of the fact that you are trying to sell your home in the quickest time for top dollar. A DIY approach is very unlikely to achieve those aims. Call us today for even more reasons why a professional agent is always the best solution.