Friday, March 14, 2014
By Admin

We've just about reached that moment in the year when buying and selling of real estate really gets under way after the winter. How nice to be able to report, then, that the environment for home sales and purchase in the Albuquerque area is so perfect right now.

The key driver continues to be mortgage rates at near historic lows. Given that Government housing market stimulus tapering has been underway for a few months now, who would have predicted that rates would still be so incredibly attractive, when almost every industry commentator forecasted a continual rise in the early months of 2014.

Some weeks rates rise a little, then they fall again. A good example of this is what has transpired this past fortnight. Last week's excellent job stats caused rates to rise a little, whereas the uncertainties of the international scene, both in terms of politics and economics, have seen them end this week lower.

Essentially, rates would almost certainly be rising steadily if all were well in the Economy and around various spheres of international political/financial influence. The end result is a housing market that is so attractive to both buyers and sellers, as the affordability of homes at any level is still at an extremely enticing level.

Our advice remains as it has for several months in that there are no guarantees how long this situation will sustain, as it all depends on a wide range of unpredictable influences.

Therefore we urge both buyers and sellers to take advantage of what is front of us right now. The waiting game may be costly.

Please contact us today for an informal discussion of your individual circumstances and how best to achieve the ideal outcome for you.