Tuesday, June 30, 2015
By Admin

With current maximum temperatures in the Albuquerque area in the mid to high 90's, or hotter, most days, focus inevitably sharpens on how cool your home is.

If you're selling your home, this is even more crucial as buyers in the height of summer will pay a good deal of attention to the comfort of your interior.

An overly warm home at this time of year also sends out strong signals that you may not have the most energy efficient dwelling and, with energy costs being something buyers are always concerned about, can really count against you in comparison to competing nearby or similar homes with better cooling arrangements.

So what can you do to make your home as comfortable as possible in the warmest months?

Here are some simple tips to help you along the way:

Air tightness - Perhaps the simplest tip of all first. Keep your house windows and doors tightly closed during the daytime to avoid penetration of heat and humidity. At night consider the merits of natural ventilation to introduce cool air.

Air conditioning - Has your aircon been serviced so far this year? Doing so ensures that it is running efficiently and, equally importantly, isn't costing you a lot of money in unnecessary electricity use.

Air filter - It's a relatively inexpensive item, so do make sure your cooling system has a clean filter each month. The alternative is to risk high repair bills. A clogged aircon system can cause the compressor to break down and you don't need that sort of expense. Your aircon will run more efficiently too (replacing an old compressor with a modern, high-efficiency unit is another worthwhile strategy, ensuring it is matched to the indoor unit).

Room fans - The biggest advantage of room fans is that they needn't be expensive and you can deploy them exactly where cooling is needed. Experiment with the best room positioning and interaction of fans to achieve the coolest environment.

Window fans - A network of these is a great way of improving the flow of cool air around the home.

Ceiling fans - Here's a simple tip that many home owners overlook. Check that your ceiling fans have been switched to pull colder air up during the summer months. This can make a big difference to both comfort and cooling costs. Remember that not all ceiling fans are created equal and it pays to get the highest performing models you can afford to create a cooling breeze. If you don't have ceiling fans throughout the home, it's worth investing in them, because they can significantly reduce the need for expensive aircon.

The attic - Although it's not exactly a quick fix, a well insulated attic keepings hot air temperatures from penetrating the ceiling during the summer, other than the obvious benefits in colder seasons. Installing an attic fan assists further by reducing trapped hot air. An attic ventilation system allows warm air to escape.   

Trees - Again more of a long term solution, planting trees around the house can make a significant contribution to reducing the heat load of your home. Bear in mind, however, that trees planted on the South side of the home will reduce the benefits of solar gain in winter.

Awnings - A great solution for south facing glazing areas. Attractive too.

Shades/blinds - These can make a massive contribution to lowering solar heat gain.

Closed curtains - Another simple solution for windows receiving direct sunlight during the day.

Energy saving window films - Claims for these products include a 70% rejection of the sun's heat and 95% of UV rays. Combined with blinds and/or curtains, they can make a big difference to your cooling bills. They can be installed by the home owner, provided you have plenty of patience and a steady hand.

With the right approach to keeping your home cool, you'll save money and, if you're a seller, create the best possible environment for buyers during the hot months.

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