Friday, September 12, 2014
By Admin

The summer has come and gone and by now you had expected to have sold your home and to have moved on. But it's still on the market and there's little or no sign of interested buyers.

This is a worrying scenario and, in your mind, you are probably going over exactly why this situation has occurred.

Probably the most common problem we encounter in these circumstances is that a home is just not priced "in the market". This is to say that, for whatever reason, your home is being sold at a price that is simply unrealistic for the house type, condition and location.

Recognizing that this is the problem is really the first step here. Ask yourself if you would be prepared to pay more than market value for a house! Well, we don't need to answer that do we!

Overpricing means that, in effect, you are the highest bidder for your house. Not a good situation to find yourself in.

Unfortunately, it's a fact of life in real estate that, in order to get your listing, some unscrupulous agents will meet your expectations of the asking price and put your home on the market at an unrealistic level and either hope for a very uneducated buyer (an extremely rare species) or that you will agree to drop the price later.

Emphatically, this is not the best and an unethical professional practice.

Contrast this with the approach here at Everest Peak Realty. Our focus is on selling your home at the best price in the shortest possible time. The best price, however, is something that begins by presenting your home at a level that attracts buyers, as opposed to forcing them to view other more reasonably priced homes in your area. We arrive at this figure through a deep understanding of real estate pricing trends in the Albuquerque area and our own experience. We track pricing literally at a daily level and can demonstrate an excellent track record of getting the price right first time. Furthermore, we will fully justify our assessment of your best price, by providing evidence of other recent sales of similarly specified homes in the area.

So if you're wondering if your asking price is the stumbling block, call us today for a free, independent and informed analysis of your current situation.