Thursday, February 1, 2018
Top Seller Myths In Albuquerque Real Estate

Conducting buy or sell transactions for Albuquerque real estate is fun and all, but it would be a lot easier and smoother if you knew of some of the real estate misconceptions. These are myths have therefore been debunked to allow sellers have an accurate idea of what actually transpires in the real estate Albuquerque market. Here are a few of them:


  • Price High to expect low offers - This is the most common myth and backfires often.  Most Buyers and Rio Rancho realtors look at the prices of real estate properties very closely. The most important days are the first week of your listing, it’s the week you make first impressions and expose your property to the massive number of buyers in the market. If you scare off your active buyers by slapping an overly high price tag on your property, you will be left with less motivated buyers who have a couple other options. So, if your home is more overpriced than other Albuquerque homes for sale in your neighbourhood, not only will you not sell your property, in reverse you will be helping others sell their appropriately priced property.


  • Do only minor repair - This is the second most common myth about selling your home is to do some minor upgrades and forget the major ones but If you have major issues with your house fix them because chances are your buyer will want to conduct a full property inspection.  Failure to do this might lead to problems while trying to close a deal with a potential buyer.


  • DYI – This is the third most common myth.  You might want to go ahead and sell your house yourself in other to cut costs, but most times sellers tend to realize the importance of real estate agents after their houses have already been poorly sold (for all your real estate solutions contact Rio Rancho and Juan Romero). Selling a home takes a lot of time and expertise, the exchange of a few words could have a significant impact on the bottom line.


  • Low isn’t as bad as it seems – Receiving a lower bid than you expected on your Albuquerque home for sale isn’t such a terrible thing, it’s usually your Rio Rancho realtor’s job to present each and every offer to you.  Some buyers kick off with very low offers just because that is how they wish to begin the negotiation process.


  • Cash only – Most people think getting cash offers produce the best results, although this is relatively true cash offers are not always the best options this is because people who make such offers tend to lower their price biddings, so it is important to keep in mind that the main point is to sell your house so ignoring a higher offer because it isn’t cash based may turn out to be a bad idea.


  • The best agents always sell at the highest initial price point for the home – Most sellers feel that they should hire an agent who boasts he can sell their house at an incredibly high price higher price, even though in reality their houses might not be worth much. A good Rio Rancho realtor will take a survey of the prices of houses in the seller’s neighbourhood and suggest an average price point which the house can be sold at. More often than not this price point is usually the right one and will lead to a faster sell off.


At the Romero Team Albuquerque, we are well versed in the myths surrounding Albuquerque real estate market. We have debunked them all and know just how to be the perfect Rio Rancho realtors for you.

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