Thursday, October 24, 2019
The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Dream Home

1. Decide How Your Dream House Will Be Like

- This is the time to unleash the dreamer in you. Imagine how your dream house will be like.

2. Decide Your Budget

- Once you have a good idea about your needs, think about the budget and planning.

3. Double Check Size, Location, Price

- Now that you know exactly what you’re after, it’s time to review the facts. Check if the size
of your new home is adequate not only for now but also for the future, especially if you’re
planning to have children.

4. Fix A Deadline

- Now fix a date in the future, write it down, and tape it to the fridge or wherever you’re likely
to see it often. This is your goal.

5. Research Home Loan Options

- Perhaps the most important step of all, this is where you figure out the finances.

6. Work Out The Mortgage

- Remember that prices of houses rise and fall. Do you have plans of selling this place in the future and moving somewhere else?
Of course sell it with us!

7. Get A Home Warranty

- Nothing in this world is permanent. Earthquakes and natural disasters can happen anytime. All houses require regular repairing. Think about the future white-washing costs, plumbing leaks, rust and sediment deposition and get a home warranty that will ensure that even if something goes wrong, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to replace it.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
Investing in your Future!