Friday, October 10, 2014
By Admin

This week has ended with yet more volatility in financial markets. Between Wednesday and Thursday, the Dow enjoyed its best and worst days of the year.

Despite generally encouraging financial trends, it's still very difficult to predict what is going to happen. We seem to get some great economic news, then it gets tempered by some less welcome announcement or other. International affairs are similarly volatile, adding to the mix of uncertainty in futures markets.

So, try as you might, there's arguably not a lot you can do right now to increase the value of your stock portfolio. It's out of your hands.

In situations like these, every investor needs to take a close look at what decisions he or she is making that can have a positive effect and see money grow.

May we therefore suggest that if you have a investment property portfolio, improving house values provide a terrific incentive to ensure that your rental homes are the best they can be.

It literally starts with making sure the lawn is mowed and there's a fresh lick of paint. Try that with a 401K!

Just as it's true with someone selling their main residence, staging the property properly, and ensuring it is up to date with maintenance and repairs, can only improve the valuation and, ultimately, achieving the best selling price.

But, you might say, I'm not considering offloading any property right now. Bear in mind that rentals are continuing to spiral, in a situation where home loan lending standards have toughened this year and demand for rentals is growing everywhere.

You therefore have every reason to improve the look and feel of your portfolio, for the very simple reason that it should allow you to raise your rental fees. Renters always want the best bang for the buck in terms of what they're paying for, so the more comfortable the home, the more you have cushioned the rental fee.

Those of you reading this without a rental portfolio might well be thinking that it makes a lot of sense to have one, given the frailties of markets right now. We think that would be a very shrewd judgement and would be delighted to show you some homes in the Albuquerque area that our considerable experience tells us will make so much good sense as rental properties.

Call us today about getting started and increasing or improving your current rental stock.