Friday, January 9, 2015
By Admin

The national news earlier this week that home prices rose by 5.5% in November is another strong indication that if you've been on the fence about selling your home, there really is no time like to present to be listing.

We'd like to help you get 2015 under way by suggesting five really useful "preventive medicine" tips that will ensure that you're ready to sell your home for the best price and in the quickest possible time frame.

A pre-listing home inspection - Many sellers will wait until the home is under offer before the buyer pays for a home inspection. Inevitably, if underlying issues are found, this has a negative effect on the sale and may mean that you will be negotiating with the buyer to fix problems or, in the worst case scenario, the buyer withdraws from the sale altogether... Unless you are super confident about the pristine condition of your home, and especially if it's an old property, it's a great idea to commission the home inspection yourself before you list. That way you can address any issues that are likely to lead to problems once an offer has been made.

Hire a professional cleaner - Last week we looked at a number of practical measures you should undertake to ensure your home is in tip top condition. In addition to these, it pays big dividends to get the home professional spring-cleaned, so that there is a very fresh feeling to the entire property. Remember that you need to focus on creating a tremendous first impression with your home viewers - that is likely to be the impression they'll leave with and which will go a very long way to influencing their purchasing decision.

Don't hide negatives from your buyer - Avoid the temptation to hide negative aspects of your home from your buyer, such as a leak underneath a sink or that a basement is liable to winter flooding. In any case, you are legally required to inform buyers of certain existing problems as part of transfer disclosures, so don't leave yourself potentially open to a later lawsuit.
Be realistic about your price - From the outset, it's absolutely vital to be realistic about what your home price should be. Have a look at our blog called Pricing Your Home in The Market. This explains the critical importance of matching the price and condition of the home, so that you are able to compete with other similar homes in the area. Naturally, there is always a push and pull effect between what buyers would like to pay and the price sellers would like to ask for - at Everest Peak Realty, our deep knowledge of market dynamics ensures that we ensure you're optimally priced in the market and in great shape to achieve the quickest sale for the most money.

Get great advice as early as possible - Even if you're not exactly certain when you'll be listing this year, there really is no such thing as doing your groundwork too early, in terms of obtaining professional advice that's totally specific to your needs. All the above tips demonstrate that the sooner you have a solid strategy for your home sale in place and in action, the better your prospects for the very best outcome. Why not contact us today for an early year assessment of the likely dynamics that will affect your 2015 home sale!