Friday, December 1, 2017

December already! How time flies, especially when things are so active in Albuquerque area real estate.

As we've been keen to point out several times this fall, perhaps the biggest misunderstanding in all of real estate is that homes don't sell as the holidays approach.

We don't need to go into another detailed explanation of all the reasons why this is the case today, but please click here to read our recent blog on the subject if you'd like to know more.

Instead we'd like to focus on the fact that your home will probably be looking at its very best right now and the possibilities this creates as many still very motivated buyers seek their ideal home, especially at a time such as now when inventory of available properties is in short supply, not helped by those sellers who've now decided not to list again until 2018 (which of course means less competition for those still on the market).

It's a supreme irony that many sellers will by now have temporarily withdrawn their homes from the market and will then proceed to beautify their homes with all sorts of tasteful decorations, only to take them all down before putting the property back up for sale in the New Year.

What a missed opportunity!

Right now your home is probably beautifully lit, wonderfully decorated and simply more inviting than at any other time of the year. And yet, unless you've wisely decided to keep listing, no potential buyer will ever see the winter wonderland you've created...

It should never be overlooked that buyers are, like all of us, in a more emotional state of mind at this time of year and thus more likely to fall in love with a home and make a great offer.

Staging your home for sale is one of the key factors in maximizing your return and the holiday period actually makes this whole process easier than at any other point in the annual cycle.

There's an old saying in selling: "Sell the sizzle, not the sausage." The holiday season is surely the very best time to put this thought into action. The "sizzle" is that marvelously inviting atmosphere you've created with your lights and decorations. What better way to make a buyer see the full potential of your home!

In fact, it really would be no exaggeration to say that this is the easiest time of the year to stage a home with all the festive cheer you can provide.

Naturally, a well presented home at this time of year relies on tasteful and reasonably neutral decoration. Inflatable santas and such on the front lawn are probably a bad idea, because they can disguise the home to some extent. The better focus is on lighting and decor that amplifies the best aspects of the property in a classy way. Seasonal religious items aren't always a good idea, either, as they break the golden rule of not personalizing things so much that it's often difficult for potential buyers to envisage the property as their own (you can always put them back on display when your visitors have left, of course).

So even if you've accepted that your seasonally decorated home really can help your sales efforts, you may still be concerned that the holidays are a time for families and you don't want people visiting when you take some sort of vacation around the Christmas/New Year period. That's actually not an issue and simply a matter of working with your agent to schedule times when the home won't be available for viewing. While such restrictions may not be absolutely ideal, people will generally understand and be willing to work around those times.

We do hope that the above thoughts will make you reconsider the merits of keeping your home listed for the rest of this year. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss this in more detail.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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