Friday, June 27, 2014
By Admin

Pricing your home right is, as we have emphasized many times before, one of the most crucial aspects of successfully selling a home.

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, it's very important to consider what makes the home you want to buy/sell stand out from the crowd, when evaluating its true market value.

Remember that savvy buyers know it's wiser to focus on value over price. A home with a high-class feature specification throughout will naturally merit higher pricing than a similarly sized home without these benefits. A quiet, fashionable or well-served location may also factor into this mix.


Buying such a home can save potential upgrading/moving in future. When you also factor in that a big difference in price can actually mean little difference in monthly payments over the life of a home loan, it is often no brainer to spend more. This is especially true at the moment with mortgage rates still very low - they have dropped yet again this week!

It should be plain to see that a fair price, rather than the lowest, is very often the best price.

A critical key to the value/price equation is to ensure your home is properly staged, to make its most outstanding attributes obvious and attractive to potential buyers. This is something we do as standard, to ensure maximum selling effectiveness.

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