Tuesday, May 27, 2014
By Admin

In last Friday's blog, we looked at a number of ways in which your Albuquerque area realtor may, or may not, be going the extra mile for you to sell your home.

Another major differentiator that we deploy is to provide a fully branded video tour of your home.

We are increasingly finding that this is a tremendously potent method of attracting qualified potential buyers to view your home. A video tour allows them to gain a much deeper understanding of how the rooms in your home flow together, plus a more vivid portrayal of its key features. This gives them much more confidence that your home matches their own pre-specified requirements and thus greatly improves the chances that they will devote the time, and travel cost, to visit your home for a much closer look.

We've embedded one of our most recent home tour videos on this page and we invite you to look closely at it to reveal another vital advantage of listing your home through Everest Peak Realty.

You will very quickly observe that this home has been professionally staged. We often talk about staging in this blog and this ​tour is an excellent example of why we place such heavy emphasis on home presentation techniques.

The home we are presenting at 20 Chamisa Cove, Los Lunas could easily be a show home on a new development. Imagine the striking contrast with non-optimized homes listed by other agents that the potential buyer will view...

Produced in high definition and professionally post-edited, our videos are presented via social networking channels such as YouTube, vastly improving the searchability of your home. We also extensively promote these movies via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

In summary, we think that, correctly deployed, video has become an indispensible home sales tool. Call us today to discuss what it could do for you.