Friday, May 23, 2014

We'd be the first to agree that technology is a wonderful thing for the real estate business.

We have a very strong internet presence (this website and blog being a prime example), we send out electronic property flyers and carry out highly targeted email campaigns, in addition to a wide range of other premium marketing activities.

Hopefully your current agent will also be doing at least some of the above. Chances are, however, that he or she may not be going that extra mile for you in other ways.

We do something most agents don't!

While we totally embrace technology, we also believe that some core real estate selling principles never change. Every day we are on the phone for hours, calling people on our database and your neighbors to see if someone knows someone who's looking to buy a home just like yours in your neighborhood.

That adds up to an awful lot of phone calls. But there's no escape from the essential truth that it's a critical and essential part of our business and, even more importantly, it works!

This is where full service, professional real estate practice differs vastly from the average agent, who sells no more than a handful of homes a year, if that, and isn't doing the job full time.

Consistent, properly executed telephone campaigning is not an easy activity. It is time consuming and requires extensive training and total discipline to obtain the results we're all looking for.

Contact us today and we'll be delighted to show you the results of these endeavors. We think you'll find them compelling.


Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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