Friday, November 20, 2015
By Admin

In our last blog, and it must be said not for the first time recently, we stressed the importance of keeping your home on the market as the holidays loom ever closer. Click here to review the many reasons why you shouldn't give up on a sale before the end of the year.

If the points we made came as a surprise to you, could it perhaps be because your current agent has decided to pull up the drawbridge on 2015 and is looking forward to coasting through December and picking up where he or she left off in January? Maybe he/she has even told you, totally incorrectly, that there is no hope left now.

It's a sad fact of life in the real estate industry that many agents will effectively go into hibernation at around Thanksgiving. Needless to say this is a huge mistake and a complete abrogation of responsibility to clients. If you are unlucky enough that your realtor falls into this regrettable category, we would have to agree that your chances of an end of year sale may well be diminishing by the hour.

Indeed, taking December off, or at least just paying it lip service in terms of effort expended, is such a problem in the industry that, over the next few days, many real estate coaches will be preparing to wheel out the extremely valid reasons why this is a bad idea, from the point of view of the agent and his/her client.

Now you might well be thinking, and we wouldn't blame you for doing so, that if agents think it's OK to forget that December exists, then that says a lot about the lack of potential for the month. While that is a totally fair comment, it should be informed by the simple fact that the average agent sells but a handful of homes per year, or less. As we explained in another recent blog, many agents are not full timers, so if they have set their sights so low then they will feel that they have done enough, leaving you with nobody to aggressively promote your home when, for a whole variety of reasons, there is still fantastic demand to close sales before year end, especially with buyers rushing to lock in low mortgage rates before a possible Fed interest rate rise in the middle of December.

As a client you deserve so much better. To summarize, you need an agent that is going to treat the next few weeks with the same high level of ability and enthusiasm as for the rest of the year. There's a good reason for that too, from the agent's point of view, in that with some colleagues in stasis/cruise control, there's a better chance of picking up new listings, as one good example.

This yet again reinforces the importance of the agent and the client having matched goals. You want your home sold for the best price and in the shortest time frame and your realtor should be of the same mindset, but for the full 12 months of the year.

If your home is unsold and the viewings appear to have dried up of late, it's absolutely worth talking to your realtor about why that is and what the marketing plan is for the next few weeks that are so full of excellent potential to sell.

Talk to us today about how we will be out there robustly marketing our clients homes throughout the rest of the year, and beyond of course.