Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Viewing your home is, more often than not, the most important factor for a prospective buyer.

And just because we're fast approaching Halloween season, doesn't mean that you can get away with your own version of a house of horror...

Seriously, though, here are seven things that you really need to pay attention to when the time comes to welcoming viewers:

Don't make a bad first impression - The curb appeal of your home is so critical to the home showing process. After all, this is the view that initially presents your home to the potential buyer and, as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Tidy lawns, fresh paint where needed, clean windows, plus good strategic placement of attractive plants will get the viewing off to a great start.

Stay clean - It would be more than surprising if you weren't planning to clean the interior of the home prior to showing it. However, don't underestimate the determination of buyers to look at every small detail. Even kids' fingerprints on light switches need your attention. And never forget that kids have a unique skill set in terms of making a new mess just before your viewers arrive. A last minute inspection is always a great idea.

Avoid pet odors and hair - This is all part of our advice to stay clean, of course. However it does merit a special mention, because, like your kids, your animals will just continue to do the same stuff they always do, completely oblivious of the important showing that's about to take place. Therefore it not only makes sense to thoroughly clean any negative signs of your pets, it's even better if you have a friend or relative that can look after them so that you can remove any odor and hair issues altogether.

Tired fixtures and appliances can be very counterproductive - Any furniture or cabinetry that looks old and much the worse for wear is never going to help sell your home. Therefore consider modern replacements where possible. Kitchen cabinet doors etc. can often be inexpensively updated by painting them. Noisy and battered looking old appliances are equally off-putting, and should be replaced wherever possible. Remember that these are usually features that will remain with the home so poor quality in this area can potentially erode the strength of your asking price.

Old fashioned decor is really bad news - That room you decorated in the 70s and 80s might have looked super trendy at the time, but it's generally a major problem when selling your home. Let's face it, the 70s, in particular, saw a pretty crazy color palette for homes including purples and deep reds. What you need to achieve is a light feel and neutral color choices. It's absolutely worth redecorating, even if you won't personally get to benefit much as you're planning to move. And if you don't change it the question is who would want to move into your home?

Clutter is a no, no - Cluttered rooms prevent the vast majority of buyers from being able to envisage the property as their own, because they're so full of your stuff. This makes often spacious rooms look overcrowded and statistics suggest that only a small percentage of prospective purchasers can see beyond your clutter and imagine how they would live. Therefore some life laundry is totally essential and if you're the kind of person that likes a lot of your stuff around your home, consider temporarily putting it in a local self-storage facility until you move. Never make the huge mistake of hiding all your clutter in one room. Serious buyers will not leave a stone unturned...

You... - We hate to say it but any home owner can be a negative aspect of trying to present a home. This generally comes in two forms. Firstly is the huge mistake of having you and your family's identities and personal tastes on display everywhere in the home, including framed photos on walls and furniture and any religious or other paraphernalia that may potentially not be the sort of thing all buyers would themselves identify with. Taking your personality out of the home usually extends to when you have viewers as well. It's far better to disappear for a while and let your agent show the home. This not only means you have an experienced and professional sales person matching the benefits of the property to the needs of the buyer, but also usually makes viewers more comfortable as they are able to look around the home without the pressure of you being there. It just makes for a better and more relaxed buying atmosphere.

We hope that the above thoughts help you to see how important it is to address some important aspects of showing your home. Why not contact us today for more specific advice on what to do in your own situation.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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