Tuesday, March 31, 2015
By Admin

It's nearly yours. The seller of your perfect home has accepted your offer, all the inspection work is completed, your home loan is approved and the date for escrow closing has also been arranged.

One key stage remains, however - the final walk through the home with your realtor. Its purpose is to ensure that the property's condition hasn't materially altered since your last visit and that items such as repairs agreed after home inspection have been carried out.

The walk through is therefore a very important part of the home buying process. You might find it useful to print out this blog and take it with you as a checklist for all the aspects you should verify are as they should be.

Repairs - Make sure you have a separate checklist of all repairs that the seller has agreed to make. They should all be complete by the time you do the walk through.

Remaining fixtures - Ensure that any fixtures that are supposed to remain in the home haven't been removed. It's also a good idea to have a list of those handy.

Exterior condition - Make sure that the condition of the building exterior hasn't changed. This is especially important if there has been bad weather since the formal inspection was carried out.

Ceilings, walls, floors - These should now be barren so you will be able to see their true condition that much more easily.

Light switches/electrical outlets - Make sure that all lights and electrical sockets are functioning. If they aren't then question why. For example, has a light bulb simply failed, or is there a bigger underlying issue to get to the bottom of?

Heating and air conditioning - No matter what the time of year, it's important that you check the full functionality of both your heating and air con systems, including hot water.

Appliances - Check that any appliances that will be left as part of the sale are functioning as they should. Include garbage disposal and any exhaust fans in this process.

Doors - Are they fully secure, do they fully close and do they squeak?

Windows - Open and close all windows to check that everything is working properly. Include the condition of screens and storm windows.

Pipes - Check around all visible piping for any leaks or cracks.

Running water - Check that every faucet in the home functions correctly and flush all toilets. Look for any leaks under sinks.

Debris/trash - Make sure that the home has been properly cleaned for your arrival.

Garage doors - Make sure they open and shut correctly.

Plants - Unless agreed, all plants and small trees/bushes should remain with the home. It is not unknown for these to be taken by sellers.

Instruction manuals and operating codes - For items such as garage doors, sprinkler systems and security alarms, it's important to make sure that any instruction manuals will be left for you, as well as any operating codes. In an ideal world, the organized seller will have a folder with all items neatly waiting for you. Not everyone is so methodical, however, so it's best to iron out any potential issues before they occur.   

Vacant homes - If the home has been vacant for some time prior to escrow, you should arguably be even more diligent. Flooding can be much more likely in such circumstances.

Take your time - Make sure you've allowed adequate time in your schedule for the walk through.

As the above checklist demonstrates, there are a lot of things to look at and verify if you want to be certain of not missing anything that will be expensive to fix at a later date.

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