Tuesday, December 23, 2014
By Admin


The holidays are almost here and we're taking a break from our more typical blog themes to offer a few home safety hints for the next few very busy days.

Extension cords - You should never connect more than one extension cord together. It's much safer to use a single cord that can reach the required outlet without stretching or becoming tangled.

Holiday lights - If you are going to be away over the holidays or even leaving the house unattended, make sure your holiday lights are switched off. It's also very important to ensure they are turned off before you retire for the night.

Gift wrap - This should never be disposed of in a fireplace, if you are lucky enough to have one. Doing so could cause a flash fire. As innocent as it looks, gift wrap can pose a number of safety hazards to children, so it is best being safely discarded immediately after present opening sessions.

Tinsel and pets don't mix - Any tinsel that's left lying around is attractive to cats and also to dogs. It can be deadly if ingested.

Lighting a fire - Before lighting your fire, make sure that any flammable materials, such as decorations, papers etc. are removed from the fireplace area. Also check that the flue is open.

Thawing meats - Meats should always be thawed in a refrigerator, never on countertops.

Refrigerated foods - These should never be stored at room temperature for more than two hours.

Musical holiday cards - It's great to share the fun of these with the kids, but please remember that they contain tiny button batteries that can cause serious problems if ingested. Therefore do ensure that young children are not left unsupervised to play with them.

Busy kitchens - Preparing all that wonderful food means that you'll very likely be controlling a certain amount of chaos in the kitchen in the coming days.  Move hot liquids and foods away from the edges of counters and tables, where they might be knocked over by a child. Consider the merits of keeping very young children out of the kitchen altogether during the busiest times, when your attention can be so easily distracted.

Toy safety - Before you wrap toy gifts, make sure you've read the operating instructions thoroughly and provide any necessary guidance to children before they start playing with them.

The big clean up - All that preparation, entertaining and indulgence can take its toll on you, but make sure you still clean up after an evening party before you retire, in case an early rising child could come into contact with anything that's been left out overnight, such as alcohol.

We hope at least one or two of these hints will contribute to your peace of mind as you enjoy the activities of the next few days.

The whole team at Everest Peak Realty would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very safest and happiest of holidays!