Friday, February 6, 2015
By Admin

Who hasn't visited one of the generic online home searching websites at some point. There's no denying they give a fascinating broad overview of the local property marketplace and are useful for general research.

Unfortunately, however, we often talk to disappointed buyers and sellers who discover that the information on these sites is not always accurate and up to date!

Buyers may think they've found the perfect home, but when we check the area multiple listing service, or MLS, (the accurate search engine for realtors), we sometimes have to break the bad news to them that the property is no longer listed, for whatever reason.

These websites track your activity on their site and, when you request to speak to a realtor about a property, you may well not be speaking to the actual listing agent. It will more likely be three or four other realtors who pay to use the service for sales leads, who will bother you with all sorts of questions.

If you're a seller, there is a very high chance of there being no accuracy in the quoted price of your home. Each website uses different calculation methods to come up with a price for your home, so there is no consistency. They also gather their information from the county assessor's office, so if you've had an addition on your home that wasn't recorded by the assessor, then your value will not be accurately reflected on these sites.

There is also no account taken of the dynamically changing status of the real estate market. These sites can't tell you whether it's a buyer's market or a seller's market. The information they use is outdated, usually comprising market data that is at least three months old.

If you're a serious buyer looking for your next dream home, call us, or refer to our website search engine, based on the area MLS, so we can make the most accurate search for you.

If you're a seller, our experience of the marketplace and day to day knowledge of how it works mean that we can price your home with pinpoint accuracy. Call us today for more details.

For further reading on this important subject, you may care to read an excellent article published today by the Chicago Daily Herald.