Friday, March 7, 2014
By Admin

Continuing our series of blogs looking at specific aspects of house valuation and practice, today we turn our attention to ensuring your home is priced competitively from the outset.

There are many influencing factors here, not least that the buying market has a short attention span, so it’s doubly important that your pricing is right as soon as your home hits the market. This helps to ensure that we can generate offers before the market moves on to focus on newer listings.

Naturally, as a seller you want to maximize the return from your home sale. We can achieve this for you through a multiplicity of proven marketing methods, but there is a very true maxim in real estate that an overpriced house will not sell.

We therefore encourage you to talk with us about how best to achieve the optimum confluence between your individual goals and the price expectations and perceptions of buyers, as that is the very core of true success in today’s real estate market.