Friday, March 3, 2017

It's March already and we're finally moving out of winter and spring will soon be here. That means the already hot Albuquerque area real estate market will be moving up a gear or two in the coming weeks as more and more sellers and buyers begin to actively pursue their next move.

For some sellers, there won't necessarily be a huge sense of urgency, especially if they are living in surroundings in which they are quite happy. A typical example of this is when a couple decides to downsize once the children have moved out.

That's not the case for many sellers, however, who for a variety of reasons including the common one of job relocation, really need the fastest sale possible.

First and foremost, let's make it very clear that our role at Everest Peak Group is to sell your home for the best return in the shortest possible timescale. That being said, there are some additional things you can do yourself to help oil the wheels of any property sale, so here are what we think are five very useful tips:

Hire the best agent for the job - If you're looking to sell quickly, you'll definitely need an agent with the right track record and marketing plan that suggests fast action. You need to be rigorous in your agent interview process, focusing on recent achievement and what's the agent's daily work routine and strategy to get the home sold with all speed. For example, is your agent engaged in real estate on a full time basis and does he/she contact a large number of prospective buyers of your home each day? You'll find our last blog on asking the right questions of the agent very useful in this regard.

Be realistic on price from the get go - There's a tendency for sellers to have too high an expectation of their home's value. This often arises following a study of the various generic home valuation websites that often suggest wildly inaccurate price estimates (and, yes, they can price too low also). Here's where having engaged with the right agent works in your favor, as he/she will advise you an optimized price at a level that will attract buyers, using initimate local market knowledge. If you need a quick sale then over-ambitious pricing is one of the most effective ways of delaying that process. Remember that, even if you don't need to sell fast, buyers will not be enthused to look at homes that appear more expensive than the direct competition.

Start fault finding right now - One of the worst things that can happen to a seller that needs to move fast is a home that's simply not prepared for the sale. Especially in the case of job relocation, timescales can be very short, leaving little or no time for essential home improvements and maintenance. Therefore, if there's any chance you might need to sell quickly in the coming months, start to make checks that everything in the home is working and that decor is well presented. That way you'll hit the ground running and give your viewers no cause for concern, remembering that it's reckoned that buyers will assume there's another 10 faults for the one they've found. Attention to detail, even down to replacing light bulbs and repairing that leaky faucet, really pays dividends.

Get ahead of the curve, and the competition - A home inspection is traditionally commissioned once an offer is accepted, however if time is of the essence, it makes a whole bunch of sense to actually get an inspection done from the beginning. There are some huge advantages to this, including no nasty surprises later in the process and, perhaps even more importantly in a fast sale scenario, buyers will derive tremendous confidence from a written report that confirms all is as it should be with the home. Remember that you want the buyer to be as motivated as you are to get the sale done!

Avoid inflexibility - Some of the best qualified buyers out there are professional people, including those in the healthcare industry and law enforcement, who may work some very unsocial schedules. It follows, therefore, that they may also not be able to view homes during what might normally considered to be usual hours. Even though a very early morning or reasonably late evening viewing might disrupt your schedule, keep your eye on the goal, accommodate this, rather than risk being taken off the viewing list.

We hope the above advice helps to focus you on an effective mindset when there is no time to spare when selling. Why not contact us today for more specific advice geared to your individual needs and situation.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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