Friday, July 10, 2015
By Admin

It's now the height of the home selling season, so well done if your home's already listed, you've put yourself in a great position to sell at a great time in our marketplace.

If you're still on the fence about selling your home, we strongly believe that you need to consider the following five key factors:

1. Can it get any better than this? - Click here to read our recent article on why the housing market is on track for the best year since 2006. Right now we're riding on the crest of a wave of growing consumer optimism, more buyer confidence through better job stability and the still very low cost of borrowing (click here to find out the reasons behind that). It all actually begs the question that if this incredible confluence of circumstances isn't enough reason to list your home, then what is? Although there are no signs of the situation suddenly changing, the ongoing debate about when mortgage rates will inevitably start to rise more steadily is just one market dynamic you cannot ignore. Don't wait to see the outcome before acting.

2. Capitalize on sky high buyer sentiment - We've already touched on some of the reasons buyer sentiment is so high at the moment. Other reasons include the huge incentive of government backed low down payment mortgages for qualifying buyers and the continuing rise in the cost of renting a home. Indeed buyers are so ready to purchase that there's been a noticeable increase in multiple offers on homes, inevitably leading to a better return for the seller, possibly even over the asking price.

3. There is a shortage of available homes locally - In our most recent look at the state of the Albuquerque area homes market, we again focused on the continuing fall in the inventory of available homes in the market. In many ways this is the most powerful argument of all for picking up the phone right now and talking to us about getting your home listed. We're seeing 20% monthly rises in the number of pending sales, compared with a year ago, so it all points to a situation where supply is struggling to keep up with very high demand. What a compelling reason to sell your home - you stand every chance of getting the very best price, or even exceeding your expectations, at a time when there is less competition with other sellers at every price point. Can we expect your call in the next few minutes?

4. The first time buyer is back - Click here to read our article last week on the important subject of the major comeback of first time buyers in 2015. Even if your home is at the top of the scale locally, it can still be positively influenced by the first time buyer, as a buoyant entry level has a domino effect right up that scale, creating a fluent chain of buyers looking to upgrade.

5. Delaying could cost you a lot - Putting off your home sale is sometimes unavoidable, but if there are no compelling reasons not to proceed you could be missing the perfect storm of market conditions we currently have the daily pleasure of working in. Waiting until later in the year will miss those buyers looking to move before school starts again and you also run the risk that something unforeseen, possibly rising interest rates, will upset the apple cart a little and you might not be able to sell so quickly or for as much money. And don't forget that if you're looking to move upscale from your current home, it's going the be that much easier if you realize the best price.

We hope the above points at least convince you that it is worthwhile making a more serious exploration of current market potential. Call us today for an informal discussion.