Friday, November 24, 2017

We hope you had a great day yesterday and that you're now enjoying Black Friday, however you've chosen to spend it. 

Of course, for many of you this will already have been a very long day as you will have been up very early to grab some bargains. We trust your shopping quest was successful.

One item that never appears in the stores is, of course, a home. And yet, as bargains go, it's arguably the best one any day of the year.

There are a few reasons why we say this:

It's a fantastic investment - It's certainly a strong argument to suggest that there simply isn't a better long term investment for most people than owning a home. Real estate has consistently provided great returns and, while there might be some blips on the screen from time to time, the general trend is almost always onward and upward. Indeed it's extremely common these days for a new owner to already have a small amount of equity in the property on move-in day. Home ownership is still central to the American dream and a key goal that most people aspire to and, as we've seen lately, buyer sentiment has rarely, if ever, been more positive than right now.

You can control your outgoings so much better - Once you've got your fixed rate mortgage set up, you've essentially locked in your monthly house payment for the life of the home loan. Compare that to any rental property, where upward pressure on costs, plus the price that the landlord believes the market will accept, means that your costs are almost certain to continually rise. Similarly, you never stop paying rent, but when your mortgage is paid off, its goodbye to your monthly payment altogether, opening up a vast range of new lifestyle possibilities.

It's your canvas - Renting inevitably means restrictions. You can't do exactly what you want with someone else's home, so it never truly feels like it's yours. There can be decorating and remodeling restrictions, rules on pets, and so on. Own your own place and it's literally your canvas to do with as you wish.

It can be a financial springboard - Because your home is likely to gain in value over time, you'll be building up an equity base in the property. This means that you may be able to borrow money against the value of the home, enabling you to make other large purchases as finances allow. A very popular option here is to invest in an RV which effectively extends your home to the entire nation. Perhaps better still, you can also borrow to make extensive home improvements to even further enhance the property value!

Above all it offers long term security - Can anything beat the security of completely owning your own place, especially in your golden years? We think not, and there really is no substitute for the calming force this can be as you age. Never having to answer to a landlord and having a space that is truly your own means there's no threat of having to find somewhere else at a time not of your choosing. In essence nothing beats that feeling of complete freedom and security! 

While we're not expecting you to rush out and buy a home having read the above, we do hope it helps you to realize that the true value of a home becomes clearer the longer you own one. In many ways it never stops giving. 

If you've been thinking seriously about making 2018 the year when you finally buy a place of your own, why not get in touch with us and we'll offer even more reasons why that's a great idea and explain how our deep experience with first time buyers enables us to help you achieve this wonderful goal.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
Investing in your Future!