Friday, September 5, 2014
By Admin

It is nothing more than common sense that the better your home looks to prospective buyers, the more likely they are to want to make you the right offer.

Curb appeal is an absolutely vital element of home presentation and staging. It's true to say that it sets the scene for the rest of a viewing 100% of the time.

The condition of your external decor needs close examination if your goal is to maximize the selling price your home will achieve. Simple steps like revitalising wood surfaces, paintwork and attention to detail in every aspect of how the home looks to the outside world can pay for itself many times over.

It's reckoned that money invested in home improvements to properly stage your house can result in as much as a 2% higher sold price. To illustrate that, $250 dollars spent on improvements to a $200,000 home can produce a return on investment of more than $3000 - makes a lot of sense doesn't it!

As one great example of what you should be doing, remember that a lawn can have a great deal of influence on buyers. What's even better is that it is relatively inexpensive to keep it in tip top condition. Water it and keep it landscaped, making sure the lawn is not only mowed but hedges are trimmed. Pruning hedges and bushes will add to your yard's beauty and also create an instant impression with your potential buyers that here is a meticulous home owner - it just increases confidence, which is very important if they are going to make you an attractive offer.

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