Friday, April 14, 2017

For the next part of our look at tips to help you to stage your home for sale, today we're focusing on the importance of correct decor in the process.

It pretty much goes without saying that, to achieve top dollar, your home needs to be presented to an immaculate standard.

The good news is that this need not necessarily involve a lot of expense.

Many homes simply look a bit worse for wear if they haven't been decorated for a few years and it's amazing how a program of spring cleaning and paint touching-up, both inside and out, can transform things and actually pay huge dividends.

That being said, it matters greatly that you have a color scheme that isn't, shall we say, individual.

Kids' bedrooms are often a case in point here. The desire for extreme colors might suit your 14 year old perfectly, but blacks, deep burgundies and purples, for example, are simply not appealing to a wide range of buyers.

So if your color schemes are a bit "out there", it really is important to consider changing them before you list to more neutral options with, maybe, calming soft hues.

If you don't follow this very good advice then you risk running into some of the issues we mentioned in last week's article on decluttering. It's reckoned that perhaps only 10% of buyers can look beyond the clutter and decor of a home and envisage it with their changes in place. 

Any adherence to slightly eccentric color choices, therefore, represents another risk of losing the buyer at a very early viewing stage.

These considerations also extend to carpets and furniture, which should again consist of neutral fabrics and colors, allowing your viewers to easily imagine themselves living in your home, rather than having their thoughts dominated by the personality you've injected into it.

You may also have kitchen cabinets that are looking the worse for wear. A great and cost effective solution is to paint them, again making a neutral choice. 

And that local storage facility owner that we referred to last week as your new best friend also has a part to play here. It's a good idea to temporarily store as much furniture as possible that simply won't work with neutral colors. While you might be thinking "that's going to make my rooms a bit empty" remember that means your rooms are actually going to appear more spacious and less "you' to the serious buyer.

Above all, the key objective should be to neutralize and ensure your home decor choices stand a very good chance of appealing to the widest possible audience.

As ever, we're delighted to provide you with advice on any aspect of staging your home, or to answer your general questions on real estate. Why not contact us today.

Next Friday, we'll look at curb appeal and the importance of making a great first impression when your viewers arrive.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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