Friday, January 22, 2016
By Admin

In these blogs, we often explain the importance of teaming up with a suitably qualified, experienced and successful realtor very early in your selling or buying process.

With 2016 expected to be the best year in real estate for a decade, it's also important that you find a realtor who will be able to maximize your opportunities for you during a very busy period for the industry that will create its own special dynamics and pressures.

Here are some important qualities that your chosen agent should be able to demonstrate to you, and why they are even more relevant this year:

Organization - With more and more people looking to buy homes, this naturally places more time pressure on top producing agents. It's important, therefore, that you look closely at the agent's administrative structure. Don't simply judge the admin system by the number of people the agent employs. Instead make sure you ask the right questions about how all tasks are handled, from acquisition of sales leads and handling enquiries, to dealing with external consultants such as loan officers and, crucially, how closing is handled. It's vital that the agent isn't bogged down in admin and is spending his/her time dedicated to finding the right buyers for your home and/or helping you to find the right property.

Communication - Sadly, a common complaint of many agents is that they simply do not communicate on a regular basis with clients. The best agents will explain to you, without any prompting, how they will maintain constant contact with you. This is super critical in 2016, where agents could easily get distracted by the volume of business they are dealing with and not keep all their clients updated with what is happening with their sale or home search. Remember also that, with low inventory of homes in the Albuquerque area, the agent needs to be maintaining very regular contact with buyers, informing them of the available opportunities that are a good match for their needs and wants. A good way of testing the agent in this area is to look at testimonials from previous clients, making special note of the number of times good communication is mentioned.

Marketing Skills - While multiple offers at or above the asking price are increasingly common and expected to become even more so during 2016, they generally arise if the agent has done a great job of marketing your home to potential buyers. This obviously relates to having an excellent contact network and, very importantly, the visibility of your home through a wide variety of marketing tools that the agent should be exploiting, such as websites like this one and via social networking channels, as well as via a wide range of third party property search websites that the agent should have ensured your home is exposed through.

Dedication - We've said it before, but it bears repeating, that not every realtor is doing the job on a dedicated 24/7 basis. The average agent in this country sells less than a handful of homes a year, which inevitably means that your sale or purchase may not necessarily be at the top of his/her priority list all of the time. This is completely the wrong mindset in a busy market with more competition for fewer available properties. Today, perhaps more than ever, true success in real estate requires a full-time effort. Make sure your agent assures you that he/she will be able to deliver this level of total focus to you on a daily basis.

Ethics - To meet all the above key qualities for agents this year, realtors should be working to their own code of practice. The absence of such a statement should give rise to questions in your mind about how well the agent is co-ordinating all aspects of his/her role. From your perspective as a client, it is extremely useful and confidence inducing to have sight of an overall set of operating guidelines. At Everest Peak Realty, we work to our own mission, vision, values, belief and perspective statement. The intention is to demonstrate to you that we operate to an ethical and well conceived structure that ensures we deliver our promises, rather than making individual statements and not living up to any, or some, of them. Call us today and see how this could make all the difference for you this year.