Tuesday, October 31, 2017

First of all can we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

This is, of course, one of the great fun days of the year, so we hope you’ve got lots of themed festivities planned for tonight.

All that being said, with just two months of 2017 left, if your home has been on the market for several months without an offer, you may be feeling haunted by that very thought.

Statistically, of course, you do stand a great chance of selling your home quickly right now. When we looked at the quarterly stats for the Albuquerque area last week, we noted that, on average, it’s taking just 42 days to sell a detached home and only one more day to sell an attached residence. That’s a fall of around 12.5% in the past year.

But averages tend to disguise the extremes of any market conditions that happen to prevail. This means that some sellers are getting the right offer in far less than 42/43 days and, at the more negative end of the scale, it’s taking much longer for some sellers to be successful.

We’re seeing very high levels of buyer demand, motivated at least in part by continuing low mortgage rates and a shortage of available properties for sale.

So why isn’t your home attracting interest?

Clearly the first thing to do is to undertake a serious review of what’s being done to market the home and why these efforts haven’t worked to date.

That means it’s time to call your agent, but wait a second. When did your agent last communicate with you?

With so many pluses in the Albuquerque area real estate market, any lack of activity pretty quickly points to the agent.

While conditions are great for selling right now, that doesn’t mean to say that your agent has the luxury of an easy life listing your home.

It’s still vital that the agent liaises with other buyer’s agents to find potential purchasers to view the home. It also doesn’t mean that your home doesn’t need a vigorous marketing campaign to have good visibility compared to competing properties.

With the best will in the world, an initial marketing strategy may prove to be ineffective, for whatever reason. At that point, it’s vital that the agent proactively communicates with you to discuss why things aren’t working and introduce fine tuning measures to turn things around for you.

If the phone never rings with an update from your agent, and you’re not getting any apparent interest in the property, the alarm bells should start ringing.

The fact is that not all agents treat real estate as their full-time occupation and thus have other demands on their time, or are simply not prepared to put an extra effort in to promote your home in the right way.

And, as we looked at in detail in a recent blog, there are some agents who feel they've earned enough in 2017 and who plan to take it easy as the year winds down, especially now the holidays are coming into view.

Make no mistake, this time of year sees some of the most driven and serious buyers hitting the market, chasing goals like moving home for the holidays, job relocation in the New Year and looking to close for taxation-related reasons.

There’s simply no excuse for agents to take their feet off the gas. Their primary focus should always be on selling your home in the timeframe you require. With such a great fall market and a shortage of available homes, there’s every chance of getting a deal closed before the end of the year, provided the agent is doing all he/she can for you.

If you feel your home sale needs a major energy boost, why not contact us today to find out about our track record of year-round success and how we keep making the same robust efforts for our customers throughout the year.

Help is at hand, so please be sure to have a great time tonight!

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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