Friday, May 15, 2015
By Admin


Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, it is likely that, unless it's in showhome condition, your house will need a few tweaks before it's truly ready for a quick sale at the best price.

The problem is that you want to capitalize on the current very favorable selling conditions you've read so much about and, in an ideal world, would like to list right now. Now, however, may be just a little too early for you to make the most of the situation.

Today, we'd like to suggest a seven day plan to help you transform the saleability of your home in simple daily stages. By the end of next week, you could be in a great position to list with everything as it should be.

We will be assuming there is nothing major that's wrong with any aspect of the home and that it's in a generally satisfactory state.

The focus is on fine tuning and making the difference between a house that's judged to be in good condition and one that's excellent. As you'll read, the difference need not be unachievable in a short space of time.

Day One - Work on Curb Appeal
Start the day by taking a drive round the block and arrive at your home as if it were the first time you'd ever seen it. Think like a buyer and critique even the smallest details. Obviously a complete landscape project isn't feasible in the seven days we've allowed for this exercise, but tidying up the lawn and borders and applying a lick of paint to woodwork that doesn't look 100% most certainly is. Start to draw up a plan to ensure you have time to get it all done. If you can afford to hire professionals, well it will be that much easier. You should be looking to achieve as tidy and well presented a frontispiece as you can. This will be the first impression your viewers will form of the home and you'll benefit from having made them feel good right from the get go. While you're outside, it might be a very good idea to make sure the back yard is presentable too.  

Day Two - Take a Home Tour
Remember the homes you looked at when you were looking for somewhere to buy? It's likely you made a very careful investigation of almost everything and here is where you need to build on the quality standards you set yesterday and score your home in all key areas - all features working, cleanliness, tidiness, freshness of decor. It's important you do that, because these categories are going to take up the next few days of improvements, more of which momentarily. This might not take all day, of course, which leaves you some time to complete the external work you might not have finished.

Day Three - Time to Declutter
Books and DVDs everywhere, kids' toys liberally spread around the whole home, or just too much stuff. These issues, and more, should be addressed at a relatively early stage of the seven day plan. The reason is that a decluttered house is one that's much easier to work on with all the other things you need to do. You'll also make a quick win in terms of having made a real difference - something that won't be lost on your viewers either. If you simply have too much stuff, consider the merits of hiring a self-storage unit. Much better to have a mess stored there than one that's in your rooms and seriously off putting to buyers.

Day Four -  Paintbrush at the Ready
To suggest a complete home redecoration in a day, or even a week, would be a herculean task. Scuffed paintwork on walls and moldings can be easily touched up in this time, though, and will avoid unsightly chips etc. becoming a disincentive for your viewers. If painting is your thing, you might even have time to recolor a room of two. Make sure you also have some appropriate filler for deeper gouges.

Day Five - Get Everything Working As It Should
As mentioned at the start, we're not expecting you will come across anything seriously wrong in your generally well run home. You need to look for the little faults that will make people suspicious that there's something more serious underlying it all. Dripping taps, for example, are a simple basic repair. If not sorted, they send out a message to the potential buyer that you've been less than a meticulous owner. Similarly make sure that smoke alarms aren't bleeping because batteries have run down, every light bulb is fully functional, even down to making sure your clocks are displaying the right time. Little things mean a lot. Of course, if any repairs are beyond you then you need to seek appropriate professional assistance, but there will almost certainly be a small list of things you can do that will make a huge difference when you list.

Day Six - Clean Up Day
If you have kids or pets, it's very likely that there are going to be aspects of cleanliness that need attention. Even dirt on light switches, on walls and around door handles etc. is very off putting and can easily be remedied with some elbow grease and help from a Magic Eraser or three. Your kitchen surfaces, sinks and bathrooms should be spotless too. Damaged blinds or torn curtains should also be quickly replaced. Hoovering, dusting, scrubbing and a visit or two to your local DIY store- it's going to be a busy day, but with very worthwhile consequences.

Day Seven - Call Everest Peak Realty
Phew, what a week it has been. You're tired, but able to call us with a home that's to all intents and purposes ready to be listed and which can be priced more favorably as a result of your travails. This helps us to help you, as we can start to schedule viewings pretty much straight away. We have immense experience in home staging and will give you even further assistance to make sure your home ticks all the boxes. Call us today to find out more.