Friday, September 25, 2015
By Admin

Want to supercharge your home's selling potential by Monday morning?

Given the great start to the fall selling season, stimulated by the Federal Reserve's recent decision not to raise interest rates, you really do need to be making the most of an incredible opportunity to sell your home before the end of the year.

One of the easiest ways of fine tuning your home's appearance to potential buyers is to focus on curb appeal. The really good news is that there are some really fast and inexpensive ways you can transform that initial impression viewers get as they drive up and walk into the property.

Here are 10 simple tips that you could easily effect this Saturday and Sunday:

Lawn care - The most simple and basic of all curb appeal tips. Neat and tidy lawns are an absolute home selling prerequisite. Also don't forget to apply fast acting weedkiller to affected paths etc.

The front door - A scruffy looking door can really start your potential buyers on the wrong foot and introduce a major negative into the proceedings before they've even stepped indoors. Why not simply paint the door and, while you're at it, perhaps add an attractive new brass knocker and refurbish or replace worn out hardware too. Maybe your house number lettering is looking a bit tired too, so there's another quick and easy way to spruce things up. If time or other restrictions are going to prevent you from painting this weekend, why not simply give the door a good scrub so it can be the best it can be in its present state, indeed for many doors that's all you may need to do.

Replace scruffy door mats - The fact that door mats often say "Welcome" says much about their role in making your visitors comfortable on arrival. Given that there are few more important visitors than potential buyers, don't let a very worn mat let you down. Not an expensive item to replace and a pretty instant upgrade too.

Porch lights - As the nights get longer, so do the chances of your viewers wanting to see the house in the dark. Porch lights should therefore be cleaned and fully functional, as they help to create a warm atmosphere on arrival. If they are broken or look exceptionally worn, consider replacing them - another cheap and quick fix!

Repair torn window screens - Screens simply look terrible if they've been torn for any reason, one of the most common being the "etchings" of cats. The good news is that all good home improvement stores stock repair kits, which usually involve complete replacement of the screens - not a complex or exceptionally time consuming operation. The transformation more than justifies the modest cost.

Don't forget the mailbox - Mailboxes are one of those items we can take for granted and yet their very prominence in front of our homes means they can play a key role in subliminally suggesting to the arriving home viewer that here is an owner who takes care of the details. Your options are to maybe spray paint the box and supporting post to give it a fresh new look, or go the whole nine yards and totally replace it with one of the dozens of attractive mailbox designs you'll find in the stores.

Disguise electrical boxes - Home electrical boxes are often located in prominent locations on the front of homes. None of them are attractive, but a great way of reducing their negative visual footprint is to paint them to match your house color. This won't exactly make them disappear, but the enhanced color co-ordination makes them less noticeable and not such an eyesore.

Hide the air conditioning unit from view - In a similar vein to electrical boxes, air con units can sometimes be very visible from the curb and can never look better than simply functional. Their impact can be reduced by using fencing materials or even plants at a suitably safe distance.

Use your pressure washer to the max - Concrete, stucco, paving, metal sidings, windows, wood decking, bricks. These are just some of the cleaning applications best tackled by a pressure washer. Indeed, if you don't own one, it would certainly make sense to hire or even buy one for the purpose of effecting a very fast visual  improvement to almost the entire frontispiece of your home.

And finally, plants, plants and more plants - There really isn't anything that says "welcome" better than judiciously laid out plants. If you don't have any, go to your local garden nursery and buy mature plants and shrubs that you can place in pots, hanging baskets and maybe even window boxes. Quite simply the more the merrier!

We hope you find these ideas inspirational and wish you well if you decide to follow this simple 10 point guide this weekend. Contact us today if you'd like to discuss home staging in more detail.