Tuesday, September 26, 2017

One of the key motivations among home buyers at this time of year is to be moved in and ready for the holidays.

Here we are in the final week of September but, with Thanksgiving now just over eight weeks away (November 23rd), there's still time, though not a great deal of it, to be settled in to your new home in time to entertain in lovely new surroundings.

With time starting to get tight, here's a few tips to help you speed up the process as much as possible.

Don't panic! - While you don't have all the time in the world on your hands, hopefully you're not at the start of your home search. Indeed, with low inventory of available homes in the Albuquerque area, it's increasingly common for it to take a little longer to find a home that ticks all your boxes. Clearly it's not sensible to make too many compromises to hit your target of being moved in for the holiday season, but the best thing to do is stay calm and devote as much time as you can to the process. Talking of which...

Efficient time management pay dividends - Time management is going to be critical if you're to give yourself the best opportunities to move-in in the ideal timeframe to be ready to welcome your holiday guests to your new surroundings. Very simply, the more time you can throw at finding the right home, the better your chances of rapidly finding something that is a perfect fit for your needs. If you have some vacation time due from work that you haven't used as yet, now might be a very good time to take it! 

Be financially prepared - One of our favorite topics in these blogs down the years has been the importance of getting pre-approved for your mortgage. Naturally, if you're working to a tight time window this is even more important, as you need to the sale to be as hitch-free as you can possibly make it. Making sure you're pre-approved means that you're ready to act faster and sellers will take your offer very seriously and be more motivated to get things completed as fast as possible.

Focus your home search - Do you really know what home you're looking for? If you haven't precisely defined a detailed wants list then it's possible your search will lack the necessary focus to quickly make informed decisions that you'll have complete confidence in for the long term. While the current inventory shortages make finding exactly the right property more challenging, if you're deploying a scattergun strategy of looking at a wide range of different types of home, this dilutes your ability to look at a very specific list of houses that constitute a good match for what you're seeking.

Team up with a great buyer's agent - Maybe you're already following all the above tips but not seeing too many homes that fit your needs? In that case it's quite possible that the buyer's agent you're currently working with just isn't making enough effort. This does happen, even though it's hard to imagine how anyone who lives off commission would be anything less than excited about helping a determined and qualified buyer on a strict deadline! A top buyer's agent will have great relationships with all the top listing agents in the area and will often know about the best homes coming onto the market that meet your criteria before any marketing of these properties has taken place. This places you much nearer the front of the line of potential buyers and means you're that much more likely to find the ideal home in the right timeframe. You can't view a home that's coming onto the market soon enough!

We hope the above advice will help you to take a look at your home search and make any necessary tweaks to hit your holiday target. Better still, why not contact us today and find out more how we can help you to be completely ready for the festivities to come.

Juan RomeroJuan Romero
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