Sunday, September 30, 2018
10 Random Acts of Kindness

More than anyone, RE/MAX understands that real estate is local. In a business as community-driven as ours, building a supportive community is in everyone’s best interest. Wouldn’t you like to be a good neighbor? First proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, National Good Neighbor Day, celebrated on September 28, is an easy way to recognize human understanding and build strong, thriving communities-RE/MAX found some great ways you can show your community that you care.

  1. Tape a buck. Grab a roll of tape and stick a dollar or two to the vending machine in the breakroom with a note that says, “This one’s on me.”
  2. Big tipper. Doubling the normal tip amount on your dinner bill is an easy way to put a smile on your waiter or waitress’s face.
  3. Pass the java. Cover the order of the person you see in your rear-view mirror in the coffee shop drive-thru.
  4. Bake a batch. Who doesn’t like to be greeted with enthusiasm when you walk into the office? Carry in a big batch of sweet treats to help your coworkers get through another Tuesday.
  5. Let someone cut-in. Go ahead! Make the day of that young mom with three screaming kids. You’re in no hurry, let her cut ahead of you in the long line, just this once.
  6. Pocket change. Find the nearest parking meter and drop in a few quarters as a treat for the next person that must feed the meter.
  7. Visit your loved ones. When’s the last time you stopped by the cemetery to visit family or friends who have passed? Pick some wildflowers to brighten up someone’s gravesite.
  8. Offer to help. If you see someone in the grocery store parking lot who needs help with loading their groceries in the car-help them out! Bonus points if you return their cart to the store.
  9. Hold the door. What’s the hurry? Wait a longer amount of time than you normally would to hold the door for someone walking in a little bit behind you.
  10. Leave a note. Stick a note or a piece of scrap paper with a motivational quote to the bathroom mirror to spread positivity and kindness.

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