Tuesday, October 7, 2014
By Admin

Above and below are our latest video tours of homes we are currently listing.

Home video presentation is a key component of the Everest Peak Realty service and a key differentiator with other realtors who simply don't/won't devote this amount of time and effort to selling your home.

Today we'd like to give you some really good reasons for listing with us and taking advantage of what we believe is increasingly becoming a key tool in real estate sales: -

  1. As great as photos can be, nothing short of a viewing beats video for demonstrating the way your home flows. You literally provide a viewer's eye perspective of the property.
  2. The very nature of video enables us to highlight the key selling features of your home. Let's say you have a stunning water feature in your garden - well no picture can ever convey the relaxing sight and sound of cascading water in your back yard anywhere near as well.
  3. We also take the time to ensure your home is properly staged for the video, showing it in its very best light.
  4. You will see from the example videos here that we put a great deal of emphasis on our voiceover to point out all the home's highlights, as if we were guiding the prospective buyer through the property in person.
  5. We often take the opportunity to use panning shots that show the home in the context if its position in the neighborhood. Again an impossibility short of a viewing.
  6. Video is now an incredibly flexible medium in terms of delivery to potential buyers. Every video we produce is uploaded to YouTube and is promoted on the most popular social networking platforms, including Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, this website. You're therefore assured of reaching a much wider audience much faster than via more traditional media.
  7. Visibility through social media makes it very easy for friends and relatives to send the video to someone who they think the home may be suited to, further enhancing your marketing reach.
  8. Each of our videos is professionally edited with a special intro and outro sequence with our signature music and call to action information is on screen throughout the movie. Your home sale immediately benefits from this level of showcasing.
  9. We always produce our videos in high definition, enabling the potential buyer to see your home in the best possible visual context.
  10. We've saved the best reason for using video until last. Although nothing ever replaces a physical viewing of the home, first of all it is often necessary to "sell" a viewing to a potential buyer. With today's busy lifestyles, and the time and money associated with travel, many people will need to have acquired a lot of confidence about your home before making a trip to see it in person. Video allows them to undertake a "virtual tour" of your home. The really good news is that, in seeing so much of the home before they travel to view it, they are probably already very interested in what your property offers them and therefore closer to making an offer than they might otherwise be.

If you're home isn't selling through another agent, or if you are contemplating a sale, contact us today for an informal discussion about the benefits of our entire marketing package, including video.