Friday, December 5, 2014
By Admin


There's no question that 2014 has been a great year for real estate and the signs are things are going to get even better in 2015. Today, in our second look ahead to prospects for next year, we examine why better market conditions will still require the selection of the right realtor to partner with.

We really cannot stress how important choosing the right realtor to sell your home is. Make the wrong decisions and your home could remain unsold for much longer and not sell for the best price. Despite the improving sales environment, be assured that not all realtors will be operating to the same level of intensity and professionalism and thus be capable of achieving best results for you.

We've therefore come up with 10 key points you can use as a check against your realtor candidate shortlist.

Integrity - This is an absolutely vital quality that you cannot afford to ignore. Ask your realtor for testimonials of previous transactions and read them carefully. Look for indications of great service, but also of smooth transactions, which indicate that your realtor is working to the highest professional standards (also see "A Clear Mission" below).

Dedication - Does the realtor work full time at real estate? You'd be amazed at how many agents have other jobs or who sell just a handful of homes a year to finance the family holiday or whatever. Getting your home sold in the fastest time for the best price requires a completely dedicated full-time effort. Don't overlook this.

Market Knowledge - Ask your realtor searching questions about current market conditions and pricing. Any vague answers will quickly reveal someone who is not on the pulse. In truth, realtors can access a vast range of relevant data of local market trends and should have this information at their fingertips.

Not a Discount Broker - Some brokers will offer you a substantial discount to sell your home. Houses listed with discount brokers are historically more likely to expire, unsold and with a very unhappy seller. Just about anyone can put a house on a multiple listing service and stick a sign in the yard. Sadly that's all they may provide. Make sure you hire a dedicated, full service agent.

Continuing Professional Development - The real estate industry changes all the time, with dynamic market conditions and a whole range of important external factors affecting the business. Ask your realtor what professional training they undertake. Emphatically, achieving a real estate license is only the begining of the process. At Everest Peak Realty, for example, we are connected with one of the nation's leading real estate coaching organizations, ensuring we stay up to the minute in every aspect of our business.

Client Centric - Ask your realtor candidates to tell you how they liaise with sellers. Ensure that they will be providing you with regular updates of how the property is fairing in the market and what they are doing to promote it. Be certain that you are going to be kept in the loop.

Track Record - If you have to ask too many questions about the potential realtor's track record, then alarm bells should be ringing. Previous recent sales are, in many ways, the realtor's best advertisement, so they should be arriving at their meeting with you with plenty of evidence of past accomplishments, especially in the local area and market sector relevant to your home.

Marketing Expertise - Apart from demonstrating their sales skills, today's top performing agents will also need to have a strong online presence – a quality website and blog, daily social networking engagement etc. Ask to see evidence of this or use Google to do your own research.

Back Up Team - A busy, top producing agent simply cannot do everything and remain efficient. Make sure you ask candidates for details of their staffing arrangements.

A Clear Mission - Large businesses invariably operate to self-regulated high standards, so why should realtors be any different? Click here to see our Mission, Values, Belief and Perspective Statement and ask other candidates to produce a similarly comprehensive document.

We are very happy to answer all the above questions and to quantify and justify why we are your best choice in the Albuquerque area. Don't wait until 2015 to find out, however, call us today for an informal discussion related to your individual circumstances.

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